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Low Testosterone Treatment Options

What are the available TRT treatment options?


1) Boosting natural testosterone levels

After some initial testosterone blood tests our doctors may offer you a simple ‘testosterone boosting’ solution if your testosterone levels are not too low. These boosting protocols use Clomid or HCG medication. This treatment aims to boost your own natural production of testosterone by stimulating the testes instead of replacing your testosterone with injected testosterone.

2) Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)

This involves being given either and injection of testosterone or a cream/gel that you can apply to your scrotum. This treatment replaces the natural testosterone in your body with a bio-identical testosterone which will bring your testosterone levels up to a more normal range. Once testosterone levels have reached a normal level you should start to feel the benefits of the injections and a reduction in your low testosterone symptoms.

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These are the two main treatment methods available:

Testosterone Injections

There are a range of different types of bio-identical testosterone available and your doctor will work with you to find the one that best suits you and your body/lifestyle. Injections are administered at set frequencies in order to provide stable levels and the frequencies will vary depending on your requirements from daily to weekly. The process is fine tuned with your doctor to ensure your testosterone levels are stable all the time.

Testosterone Injections with HCG Injections (for men who which to remain fertile)

If you are looking to start a family and wish to remain fertile whilst on TRT we offer HCG injections. HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin and is a solution that can be taken alongside your TRT injections. HCG stimulates LH and FSH which send signals to the testicles to produce sperm.

Testosterone Creams

Applying creams is another option for people who are not keen on injections. We do advise injections as the preferred treatment method as dosing is typically more accurate. All of our creams are measured and dosed in specific containers that are bespoke for each customer. Typically you would use a pea sized amount of cream and rub it into your scrotum once per day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q) How much does TRT cost?

A) TRT will cost anything from £70 to £113 per month, depending on what treatment you go with.

Q) How many blood tests will I need to give throughout my TRT journey?

A) We need two types of blood test initially, followed by a further test after 6 weeks, then 6 months, then yearly after that.

Q) Is it better to have HCG and Testosterone?

A) Only if you plan on having a child and wish to remain fertile whilst on TRT.

Q) Where do I inject testosterone?

A) You can inject testosterone in the upper arm, upper legs and glutes. Our doctors will show you how to do this and after a few goes it will become very easy to self-administer testosterone.

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