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Why get TRT treatment privately?

One question you may ask yourself is why do I need to get TRT privately when I can try and get TRT on the NHS? We covered the main points in the linked article, but here are some of the main problems you will face in.

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5 Reasons to get private TRT treatment

  1. NHS will test total testosterone levels only and not give you a complete picture of how your body is using the testosterone
  2. TRT treatment on the NHS is unlikely to fix your testosterone issues as the treatment methods and on-going management of testosterone levels is not up to the same standards offered by private TRT clinics.
  3. Private clinics often have highly experienced doctors who specialise in the treatment of low testosterone.
  4. Often the private clinics have been setup by an expert in TRT, or someone actively undergoes treatment themselves.
  5. Blood testing processes for accurately testing for low testosterone levels are often more advanced than the techniques the NHS use and give a more accurate picture of the patients overall health.

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