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Advice about getting TRT on the NHS

It’s not easy is the short story. Getting testosterone therapy is not straightforward because the NHS guidelines for normal testosterone levels only give a reading of your total testosterone, not your free testosterone levels. It’s the FREE testosterone levels that are important and this is where the NHS are slipping up.

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Getting TRT on the NHS and why you should avoid it

Firstly you would visit your GP and explain your symptoms of what you believe to be related to low testosterone. Depending on whether they agree with your self-diagnosis they may provide you with a paper that authorises you to get your blood tested.

Blood testing is typically done before 9am, which in theory is when testosterone is at its highest levels in the body so expect to get to the hospital early. Once your GP has the results back they will call you if there is anything out of the ordinary to report, otherwise you won’t here from them unless you make an appointment. If on the rare occasion your GP agrees that you, they will refer you to an endocrinologist.

The endocrinologist will examine and review your lab results that must fall below 6nmol/L. If they do decide that it would be best to go on TRT they will typically give you slow release injections once every 4 months. The problem with this is it does not cure the problem as your testosterone levels are not being consistantly balanced and it will often leave you in a state of hypogonadism for one third of the time until you get your next injection. Worse yet they may provide topical creams with incorrect doses that will not provide enough testosterone.

Unfortunately we’ve seen time after time that the NHS model for low testosterone treatment falls far short of the higher standards of healthcare that private clinics can offer you with more experience in the sector. If you truely want your testosterone levels fixed, we highly recommend seeking professional private treatment from a trust company with lots of positive reviews, do not take a chance on your health and wellbeing.

Private TRT treatment in our experience is the way to go. You are dealing with specialist doctors and consultants, some of which are on TRT themselves and can offer realistic expectations and correct treatment options/dosages. Not only do the consultants know more about TRT than your average GP, they will help manage your case for life. Part of the management is starting you off with the correct full blood tests that accurately measure all aspects of your testosterone levels (total, free, bioavailable, SHBG, Albumin). Once successful diagnosis is made, you will enter an on-going management process where regular blood tests and taken to ensure your testosterone is kept at the correct level.

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